Chapter Three: Just Send It 

I awoke the next morning in Matt’s bed, tangled in his blankets.

"Good morning!" He called from the doorframe. "I made breakfast, but you slept through it."

"Wah!" I whined, yawning. "I’m hungry."

I stretched my back and legs. I untangled myself from the sheets and sat up.

"Holy headache!" I exclaimed, drawing my hand up to my head. "I didn’t drink that much!” I said.

"Oh, you didn’t?" Matt asked with a knowing smile. "The car ride home wasLoganthis,Loganthat!" He crossed the room and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Oh, yeah…Logan." I laughed. "God, he was hot. Too bad he probably didn’t like me at all."

"That’s why he asked you to text him, right?" Matt said.

"He was drunk."

"Not as drunk as you think." Matt said, as if he knew.

"I’m not gonna text him." I said, my head resting in my hands.

"Why wouldn’t you?"

"What if he doesn’t remember who I even am?" I said. There was an honest chance.

"Girl, that only happens if you meet someone after you’re both trashed. You people met before you had drunk a lot. Hell, you even spilled his drink all over him!"

"Ugh…" I groaned.

"Honey, he remembers you. And especially in that dress you were wearing…" He trailed off, smiling.

"You’re right. We hit it off way before we started drinking more." I said, remembering the dancing and the conversation on the porch.

"I say text him tonight. Or tomorrow. No, tonight. If you wait until tomorrow he may think you forgot. And well, he’s famous. Who knows how long he’ll wait around." Matt said decisively.

"You don’t think tonight is too early?"

"No, I think you should."

I nodded, albeit the pounding in my head.

"Aspirin?" I asked eagerly.

"Oh, yes of course." Matt giggled and jumped up. He returned a minute later with two white pills and a glass of ice water.

"After these and a shower I should be good to go!" As I swallowed the pills, Matt surveyed me with a grin. "What?" I asked.

"Look at you, my best friend hangin’ out with movie stars and shit! I always knew you had it in you." He said.

"Matt, your gay is showing." I said in reference to hand gesture he had performed and the statement he made. He laughed and shook his head.

"Girl, it’s always showin’." He turned and walked out of the room. "Are you hungry!?" He called from the kitchen.

"A bit!" I answered, draining the rest of the water.

What had happened last night? Logan was too perfect to have been real. I did not even have to make an effort to meet him either, he had sat next to me. And I had spilled his drink everywhere. The we had danced, yes, I remember that. We talked on the porch. I could still remember the way his blue-green eyes glinted in the light. His smile…

"I’m making you pancakes!" Matt called from the kitchen.

I stood and walked to the door, telling him that sounded lovely. I made my way to the bathroom to shower. I still had my makeup on from the night before and my hair was a mess. My dress was lying in a heap on the bathroom floor, although I don’t remember changing out of it.

"I guess I was a lot drunker than I thought I was…" I said aloud to myself. I turned around and leaned over the tub, turning the dials for the shower and pulling my hand out quick before getting it soaked in the falling icy water.


"The pancakes were delicious!" I said as I put the final forkful in my mouth. He waved his hand to show me that it was no problem. I sipped my coffee to wash down the remnants.

It was already noon. I was showered and dressed but we did not have any plans.

"What are we doing today?" I asked as I washed my dishes in the sink.

"Doesn’t matter to me, is there anything in particular that you want to do?"

"No idea, I’m not from here, duh!" I said, crossing my eyes playfully. He laughed and stood up.

"There’s always shopping…"


"Let me get my keys." Matt said with a smile.


"Annabelle Bauer, if you do not buy that dress I will leave you here." Matt said as soon as I walked out of the dressing room.

"It’s not too…" I said, trying to see it from behind in the mirror. "…not me?" I finished.

"It’s perfect."

"Eh," I said, furrowing my brow. "I do like it. It fits me perfectly.” I said, loving the way it hugged my size 8 frame. “Do I want to look at the price tag?”

"Most likely not." Matt answered, a sour look on his face. "But if you textLogantonight and make a date with him, I will buy that dress for you."

"Seriously?" I asked, surprised.

"One hundred percent." He confirmed.

"You have a deal!" I said, spinning more freely now, allowing myself to absolutely adore the dress.

When we left the store, I had a three hundred dollar dress in a bag around my right forearm and I could not be happier.


"Time to hold up your part of the deal." Matt said, smiling at me. We had just finished dinner and were watching TV on the couch.

"Ah, I guess now is as good a time as any." I said, picking up my cell phone. I scrolled though the contact list until I saw the name: Logan Lerman.  "Do I text or call?" I said, looking sideways at Matt.

"Text." he said. "Less awkward. But, then he could not answer…"

"He could not answer if I call though." I reminded him.

"Very true. Okay, call him."

"But he might not pick up if he doesn’t recognize the number."

"Text then!"


"Anna, you gotta do one of the other. I say text."

I grinned and stared at me phone. As I moved my fingers over the keys, trying to formulate a decent text, Matt hovered over my shoulder.

"Just say ‘Hey it’s Annabelle’!"

After several minutes of thought, I had typed it all out.

Hey it’s me Annabelle from Emma’s party.

"NO! No, don’t remind him where you’re from. Because then it looks like you think he wont remember you."

I backspaced a bit.

Hey, it’s me Annabelle. What’s up?

"Should I add the ‘Whats’ up?’" I asked Matt, my thumb hovering over the delete key.

"You’re thinking about this way too much." He assured me. "Just send it."

I took a deep breath and tapped Send. I glanced at the time, it was 9 pm. I tried to focus on the TV as I waited for a response, but nothing was registering in my mind.

Seven minutes later, my phone buzzed. I glanced down and saw that he had responded. 

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